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Texas Nativescapes thrives on ideas, and cultivate the art of design, nature and innovation.

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Residential EXTERIORS

ABODE A dwelling is a sacred sanctuary and a dynamic opportunity to create an interactive spatial experience integrated with nature.

LANDSCAPE ALCHEMY Transforming your exterior spaces into a mosaic of sustainable plants, lush textures and garden design elements that defining your outdoor environment. 

DESIGN & DISCOVERY A intuitive, interactive and collaborative process capturing your vision. Our team and our strategic partners provide the highest standards in service, expertise, quality of materials and workmanship.

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Commercial EXTERIORS  

BRAND AMBASSADOR First impressions are last impressions embedded in your customers experience. Your organization's strategic brand image remains the pinnacle of your success.

RESILIENCE We provide fully integrated turn-key construction services, design + build + management through the entire life-cycle process, sharing the common thread of success.

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Design + BuilD + Process

FORM & FUNCTION We provide full-service turn-key, design + build and specialty construction services tailored to fit the functionality of your space and harmonised with nature to ensure an exquisite outdoor experience.  

NUTS & BOLTS Designing extraordinary gardens, landscapes and outdoor living spaces requires diligence, honed skills, expertise, coordinated strategic planning and impeccable implementation. 

DREAM WEAVERS Making dreams come true. This common thread ensures your outdoor oasis is meticulously built to complement you. Our outdoor spaces provide relaxation and peace of mind. 


LET’S TALK Site visitations encompass an analysis and assessment to determine your garden design and landscaping goals and requirements. This is your template of success. 


PEN & PAPER We have vivid imaginations and so does our design team. We bring dreams to life.  



projekt PlanNING

ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY Planning is the foundation and cornerstone of your project. Our Construction Project Management Team will ensure your project is built precisely to your specific needs, lifestyle and budget. Every project is meticulous constructed, built right and is your legacy.

Design + DETAILS

SHAPES AND SCAPES Design Intent and Pre-Construction Documents are the guidestones of your project. We guarantee our commitment and your project is built to design, plan and scope. 

Konstruction Werks

SHOVELS AND GLOVES Breaking ground where all things align together. We ensure a seamless transition to build a beautiful outdoor space.


OUTDOOR GEARBOX We are tradespeople specialized and trained to nurture and preserve your space year round.  Our service and support team possesses intimate knowledge about your garden and landscape environment.

WE UNDERSTAND PEOPLE & SERVICE People have busy lives, we remove the hassle and stress with maintaining your outdoor space.

VALUABLE ASSET Time is precious, while you focus on things that matter, we work tirelessly to keep your garden and landscape space looking beautiful throughout the four seasons.

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LAND maintenance services

  • Horticulture + Landscaping MAINTENANCE Solutions

  • container Gardens + ARCHITECTURAL planters



  • seasonal preparation + TRIMMING & Pruning 

  • soil amendments + FERTILIZING + mulching

  • Transplanting + Planting

  • RepairS and RESTORATION

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